Romanian currency at its lowest value against euro in the past 19 months

Publish date: 10-01-2008
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Romanian national currency on Wednesday reached the lowest level against the euro in the last 19 months, with an exchange rate of 3.6333 lei for 1 euro, by 4.08 bani less than in the previous day, according to the quotations announced by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

The euro has not reached this value since June 26, 2006, when it stood at 3.6382 lei.

The European currency on Wednesday amounted to 3.6333 lei, by 4.08 lei (1.13 percent) more than its value on Tuesday, of 3.5925 lei, while the US dollar accounted for 2.4696 lei, which is more than the previous day when the American coin stood at 2.4430 lei.

The euro at the Financial, Monetary and Commodities Exchange in Sibiu is 3.665 lei for March 2008 and the dollar 2.3669 lei.

The gram of gold reached 70.5000 lei, by 1.91 bani (2.71 percent) against its value on January 8, of 68.5853 lei.


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