Romania starts legal action vs. EC

Publish date: 07-01-2008
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The Government decided, in its last session, to use its legitimate rights in relation to the decision of the European Commission to reduce the quota of polluting emissions by 20 per cent. On the basis of this mandate, Romania brought, with European Commission (EC) First Instance Court, two actions for the annulment of EC decisions, on December 21, 2007 as declared for Mediafax, by the head of European Affair Department, Adrian Ciocanea.

The actions were lodged by European Affair Department, through Governmental Agent.

Romania's complaint was documented with the fact that EC officials had gone beyond their attributions in the field, not having the right to set figures, but only to reject totally or partially the national plan on the allotment of polluting emissions, as well as the lack of transparency in relation to the pattern used for calculating the new quotas. Also, the Romanian authorities invoked the violation of the non - discrimination principle, because of a pattern used for Romania and Bulgaria only. "Romania's Government awaits now for the court position, a time period during which the decision of the Commission remains valid," Ciocanea said.

The European Commission cut in October last year the annual quotas of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) for the Romanian industry, for 2008 - 2012, by 20.7 per cent, from 95.7 million tones as much as the Romanian State had asked for, covering all activities in economy, to 75.9 million tones and it also reduced by 10 per cent the level of Romania's emissions in 2007, as against the national allotment plan set by the Romanian authorities.

Prior to this action, the representatives of Businessmen Association from Romania regarded the EC decision to reduce the quota of polluting emissions by 20 per cent as being a "discretionary" one and able to produce losses worth EUR 2 bln in heat providing plants, asking the Government to step in. Also both Economy Minister, Varujan Vosganian, and Environment Minister, Attila Korodi, criticized the EC decision, announcing that they would ask the European officials to revise it. Vosganian added that Romania was treated unfairly because of this decision and they he agreed with PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Minister of Environment to convey, in this respect, a letter to the authorities from Brussels, together with other States.

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