Dacia to start car exports to Scandinavian countries

Publish date: 07-01-2008
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This year, Dacia will start to export and market cars to the Scandinavian countries, both by developing an own network and through the Renault dealers network, declared the Commercial Manager of the Dacia-Renault-Nissan group, Jacques Daniel.

"This year will mark the start of Dacia car exports to the Scandinavian countries, both through the Renault network and an own network of Dacia dealers. We sell a car, but also a service, and that is why our development plans in the Scandinavian countries are serious and intended for a long term", Jacques Daniel emphasised.

Last year, Dacia sold 128 411 units worldwide, 44.3% more than in 2006, when it marketed 88 931 cars outside Romania. The country where Dacia cars are best sold, besides Romania, is France, where the Romanian manufacturer's sales increased by 74% last year, against 2006, to 32 688 units. The second external market after France is Germany, where Dacia sold 17 301 cars last year, 174% more than in 2006.

Another market where Dacia sales increased in 2007 is the Italian one, where there were sold four times more cars than in 2006, that is 4 971 units. One third of the Dacia cars sold in France and Germany are Dacia Logan Berline, and the rest are Break.

Out of the total cars made by Dacia in the Mioveni plant, 53% were exported. Besides the cars officially exported by Dacia there are also parallel exports, so that the number of registered Dacia cars in Germany is higher by some 2 000 against those exported by the manufacturer. "In France and Germany, the waiting period exceeds three months, respectively six months and that is why persons from other states bought their cars directly from Romania" Jacques Daniel added.

Dacia sold over 230 000 cars worldwide last year, up 17.4% against 2006, while the sales of the Renault group advanced by 2.2%, to over 2.48 million units.

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