ANRCTI may fine RCS & RDS with 5% of sales

Publish date: Astazi, 21-12-2007
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The National Regulatory Authority for Communications and Information Technology (ANRCTI) may sanction the operator RCS & RDS with a fine of up to 5% of its turnover for not complying with the regulated interconnection tariff in the telephony sector, announced the institution on Thursday.

"The ANRCTI sent a notification to RCS & RDS announcing the provider it had determined a breach of the obligation regarding the quantum of the interconnection tariff, imposed by the authority through Decision no.2849/2007. In the notification, the ANRCTI the provider is set a deadline until when it must amend all the interconnection agreements concluded before 8 August 2007 with regard to the quantum of the tariff levied for the interconnection service in view of call termination at fixed locations in the RCS & RDS network", reads a release of the authority.

RCS&RDS must make proof of having met the obligations by the deadline of 25 January 2008.
According to the ANRCTI, failing to meet the terms imposed by the regulatory authority represents contravention and is sanctioned with contraventional fine in amount of up to5% of the turnover.

"We will sanction the company RCS & RDS with contraventional fine in amount of up to5% of its turnover if, by 25 January, does not take all the necessary steps to amend the interconnection agreements concluded with the other operators and does not apply the tariff imposed by the ANRCTI for services of call termination in the own network", the ANRCTI President, Dan Georgescu, declared in the release.

In August 2007, the ANRCTI made known to RCS&RDS Decision no.2849/2007 by which the company was compelled to apply a tariff of maximum 1.15 eurocents/minute for the interconnection services for the purpose of call termination in the RCS & RDS network, as well as to publish on its web page certain information related to the access locations in its network.

At the same date, the authority also asked the operator to send a copy of each of its requests for interconnection and of the requests for changes, additions or withdrawal of the initial request, within two days from their receipt. Moreover, for the conclusion of an interconnection agreement, the ANRCTI imposed the provider a negotiation deadline of maximum two months from the receipt by RCS&RDS of a request in this context.

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