Romanian Transports minister remains without driver's license after delay in reporting car accident

Publish date: 19-12-2007
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Transportation Minister Ludovic Orban got his driver's license suspended after reporting too late an accident in which he was allegedly involved, road police said. He lied about the accident two days ago, daily paper Cotidianul said, after unearthing the deed.

Orban informed the police about the car accident on December 17, in the evening, a day later than it had happened. The law requires that car accidents be reported at the police within a 24-hour deadline.

The car accident took place at around 14.30, on the Cotroceni road. Orban, who was driving an Audi, hit a Matiz, according to Bucharest Police spokesman Christian Ciocan. The daily paper Cotidianul reports Orban's car allegedly skidded and hit the vehicle parked nearby. A pedestrian was also injured.

Orban gave three reasons for exceeding the 24-hour deadline: family issues, a medical exam he underwent and coordinating the snow cleaning operations in Bucharest. The minister emphasized he did not try to blot out the car accident and waited for the police to come.

However, the road police said no victims were reported. Witnesses told Cotidianul shortly after the accident took place, several policemen came and took the car number plates from Orban's car.

The minister will remain without his license for a month. He also has to pay a 195 lei fine. Orban denied being involved in car accident on December 16, Cotidianul reported.

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