Holidays rich in credit promotions

Publish date: 19-12-2007
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With the holidays coming up, retail bank compete in promoting as tempting as possible credits. Some credit institutions give up their granting commissions, offer grace periods, cut the rates by a few percentage points or organise various tombolas to incite the client's loan spirit.

During this period, Romanian banks are promoting both the personal needs loans and the house loans or credit cards. The offers started to pour in November, some were valid to mid-December, others are extended until the first months of next year.

In order to attract customers in the winter holidays period, most of the banks chose to cut loan interest rates by a few percentage points. Thus, the BCR dropped the interest rate for the Divers Extra BCR credits contracted by the end of the year. The bank set up for the Divers Extra BCR personal needs credit a fixed interest rate of 8.9% per year, for the first three months, later variable, but also a 2% credit granting commission.

CEC has also thought of an offer for the customers in the holiday period and has launched house credits in lei, with an interest rate reduced by 2%, to approximately 7.5%. Raiffeisen Bank has also chosen to cut the interest rate for the holidays, in the case of real estate credits and shopping cards.

Not to put the customer in the situation to pay the credit rate during the holiday period, the banks have thought of granting customers a grace period of several months. Thus, until the end of the year, Raiffeisen Bank grants credits for small and medium-sized companies, with a three-month grace period, where the company pays only the interest on the principal, not the credit rate, and is exempted from paying commission.
Unicredit Tiriac Bank has also chosen the same variant, offering a three-month grace period for the customers that, in December, purchase a personal needs credit without mortgage for five or eight years.

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