Private pensions fraud grow

Publish date: 17-12-2007
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From the start of the period to join privately managed pension funds until now, the Supervisory Commission of the Private System Fund (CSSPP) has registered a number of 433 intimations regarding forged signatures and use or forgery, according to data published by the Commission.

Moreover, after having finalised the first procedure to validate the participants in the privately administered pension system, the pension arbitrator noticed an increase in the number of persons, an average of 25 intimations per day, in the first part of December, complaining about the use of personal data, without their permission, aimed at concluding an adhesion contract. After all, this is not very difficult to do, as the method to forge adhesion papers being at hand for any marketing agent. It is enough to obtain a copy of a tax payer's identity card, forge his signature and submit the adhesion form as if having been signed by him.

Furthermore, until the fraud is discovered, some marketing agents collect the administrator's commission, causing important financial damage to the private pension fund administrator. No company can check on the spot if the form that you, as a marketing agent, are submitting, has really been signed by the respective employee.

The Commission warns that, according to the provisions of Norm 18/2007, amended by Norm 31/2007, the participants notified by an administrator on their affiliation to a privately managed pension fund, without having signed an adhesion contract with it, can report this to the CSSPP (Supervisory Commission), within 15 days from notification. This must be done through a statement on own responsibility, asking for the withdrawal from the pension fund's data.

Cristian Rosu, Director within the Commission, declared a while ago for the "Curierul National" that, in case such fraud is discovered in this sector, we must not expect a real time action.  "The process of finding a fraud committed by a marketing action may take between one week and 4-5 months", said Rosu.

Curierul National

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