Romania Signed EU Reform Treaty In Lisbon

Publish date: 13-12-2007
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Romania's President Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu and foreign affairs minister Adrian Cioroianu signed Thursday in Lisbon the European Union's reform treaty, alongside leaders of all EU member states.

EU leaders gathered in Lisbon Thursday to sign a landmark treaty which they hope will revitalize Europe and replace its Constitution, avoiding a similar referendum to that in 2005 when France and the Netherlands rejected the Constitution.
Like the rejected constitution, the treaty includes plans for a more efficient and democratic European foreign policy and a more longer term president, to replace the cumbersome six-month rotating presidency system.
The Treaty also reduces the size of the European Commission from the current 27 members to 17 as of 2014, while the European Parliament gets more power, especially in justice and interior affairs, to influence or reject EU laws.
If ratified, the Treaty will mean the EU can take decisions by majority rather than unanimous voting in 50 new areas including judicial and police cooperation, education and economic policy.
Thursday afternoon, Basescu and Tariceanu leave for Brussels for a summit.
After the Lisbon signing, the EU 27 member states will have until June 2009 to complete ratification in time for EU - wide elections to the European Parliament.


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