Net average salary in Romania up 4.2% month-on-month in October

Publish date: 06-12-2007
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Net average salaries in Romania went up 4.2 percent month-on-month in September; the best paid field was air transportation while people working in wood processing industry got the lowest salaries, a release from the National Statistics Institute reads.

Net average payment stood at 1,084 lei in October. The index of the real salary for October compared to September was of 103.2 percent. During the year salaries fluctuate mostly because of national holiday bonuses in December, March and April, according to INS.

Net average salary in the budgetary field increased more than 15 percent month-on-month in October and 5 percent in public administration.

For the rest of activities, salaries increased owing to bonuses or higher production, as it follows: between 6 and 8 percent in power production, car industry, transportation and 3 and 6 percent in clothing industry, furniture, textiles, wood processing.

Decreases of the average net nominal salary resulted from bonuses alloted from the net profit and smaller production as it follows: 17.7 percent in financial intermediates, 8.3 percent in hydrocarbons extraction and between 1 and 6 percent coal processing and nuclear fuels, crude oil processing and chemical products, metallurgy.

The average net nominal salary increased 25.2 percent year-on-year in October 2007. The index of the real salary hiked 17.2 percent over the same period.

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