Romania Ranks Ten On Income From Immigrants Chart

Publish date: 03-12-2007
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Romania is ranked ten in the world when it comes to the sums of money sent, by immigrants working abroad, to their home countries, the value reaching $6.8 billion in 2007, according to a report compiled by the World Bank on a world level.

The sum sent by Romanians is close to the one sent by German and British immigrants, which will reach $7 billion each.

In 2007, India, Mexico and China will be the countries that receive the most money from citizens working abroad. Thus, India will receive some $27 billion, ranking first in the World Bank chart, followed by China, with some $25.7 billion and Mexico, with $25 billion.
The top ten positions also include states with a high level of income, such as France, Spain and Great Britain.

On a world level, immigrants will send back some $318 billion, including some $240 billion that will reach developing countries.

World Bank estimations regarding the total value of sums sent by Romanian workers in this year, of $6.8 billion, are lower than those of Romanian central bank officials, of EUR6.3-6.4 billion ($9.2-9.3).


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