Winter holidays boost businesses

Publish date: Astazi, 29-11-2007
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Total sales on the retail, household appliance, tourism, low-cost flight, and delivery markets are expected at €2 billion in December, based on significant increases during the winter holidays.
Major hypermarket chains operating in Romania are forecasting sales to surge by at least 50 percent (€528 mln) in December compared to other months. The average share of sales in a regular month is about 8 percent of total annual sales, which means some €1.188 billion, while sales will be worth some €1.716 bln in December, 12-13 percent of the annual amount.

Romanian organized retailers register sales estimated at €13.2 bln in 2007, some 33 percent of the entire fast-moving consumer goods market, valuated at €40 bln in sales.

"Products specific to the winter holidays will be subject to the most significant increases," said Andreea Mihai, Marketing Manager of Carrefour Romania. Adriana Pita, Communication and Public Relations Manager of Real Hypermarket".

Real Hypermarket Romania, estimates sales will soar by more than 60 percent in December compared to November.

Retailers of household appliances, electronics and IT&C products are even more optimistic about December sales. In this sector, the share of sales registered in December is about one fifth of total annual sales, evaluated at €1 bln in 2007.

According to analysts on the low-cost flight market, sales registered during winter holidays make up some 10 percent of the market expected to reach €140 mln by the end of 2007.

Delivery companies are counting on a 60 percent increase in sales during winter holidays, compared to September. This rise is fueled by Romanians working abroad, sending gifts home to their families.

Dragos Raducan, Secretary General of the Association of Employers in Romanian Tourism (FPTR) estimates €40 mln in revenue for Romanian tourism in the winter season, a 20 percent increase from the previous season.


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