Richest Romanians' wealth makes up 27 pct of GDP

Publish date: Astazi, 29-11-2007
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Over 33 billion dollars is shared among 300 people. This is, in short, the Top-300 most wealthiest Romanians. The total value of the wealth in the 2006 rankings is 33 billion dollars, meaning 27 percent of the Romanian gross domestic product. Spectacular growth of the wealth was seen by those who conducted real estate businesses. Most of the wealth is concentrated in Bucharest, where 121 wealthiest Romanians live, with a combined wealth of some 23 billion dollars.

Oil tycoon Dinu Patriciu has surged to the top slot after having sold part of his stake in Oil Company Rompetrol; his wealth is estimated at 3.1 billion - 3.3 billion dollars.

The real estate business conducted by George Becali places him 2nd with 2.8 billion - 3 billion dollars.

The third position is taken by Ion Tiriac with 2.2 billion - 2.4 billion dollars, followed by Sorin Ovidiu Vantu with 2.1 billion- 2.3 billion dollars, Micula brothers with 1.9 billion -2.1 billion dollars, the Paunescus with 1.6 billion -1.8 billion dollars, Iosif Constantin Dragan with 1.5 billion - 1.6 billion dollars, Zoltan Teszari with 1.2 billion dollars, Ioan Nicolae with 1.4 billion - 1.6 billion dollars, Camelia and Corina Voiculescu with 0.9 billion - 1 billion dollars.

The richest media moguls are Dinu Patriciu, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, Micula brothers, the Paunescus, Camelia and Corina Voiculescu, Adrian Sarbu with 150 million - 200 million dollars, Prigoana with 150 million - 160 million dollars and Gheorghe Bosanceanu with 75 million - 80 million dollars.

Some of the youngest businessmen are Iustin Paraschiv (25) with 56 million dollars, Adrian Mutu (27) with 12 million -13 million dollars, Bogdan Dragomir (31) with 50 million dollars, Marian Tolea (31) with 15 million - 20 million dollars, Camelia Voiculescu (33) with 0.9 billion - 1 billion dollars, Adrian Ilies (33) - 16.99 million dollars, Robert and Ionut Negoita (35 and 33 respectively) with 250 million - 300 million dollars, Bogdan Cihodaru (34) with 80-85 million dollars and Ianoz Kurko (35) - 23 million dollars.

The ceiling to enter the rankings this year is 12 million dollars, up from 10 million dollars at the previous edition.


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