Part of real estate projects risk not being achieved

Publish date: 27-11-2007
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Some of the real estate projects announced in Romania risk not being achieved, because the construction companies lack sufficient human and technical resources to achieve the works, declared the President of the Romanian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs (ARACO), Laurentiu Plosceanu.

"There is a risk of overheating the market, because construction companies cannot cope with the contracted works. I have signals from construction companies that tell me they cannot accomplish all their projects because they do not have the necessary labour force and the technical support to achieve the works", said Plosceanu, at the construction forum "At what price we build and sell in 2008?".

He laid stress on the fact that under these conditions the companies would drastically select the tenders they would take part in.

On the other hand, Plosceanu explained that the deficit in labour force could be largely solved by increasing salaries.

"If, in the next two years, we cannot bring the salary level in the Romanian construction sector to the level of those in Hungary and Poland, we would continue to build with what we have", Plosceanu pointed out.

According to ARACO data, the average net salary in Hungary and Poland amounts to 600-650 euros per month.

He also mentioned that labour force needs for 2008 are estimated at 150 000 people in the construction sector, which could be filled with personnel from Asian countries, such as India, China and Pakistan, and even from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

"We already have companies that resort to labour force from these states. In the forthcoming period there will probably be more and more companies that will bring personnel from abroad to fill in the deficit in the market", Plosceanu also said.
He showed that the Association would negotiate with Macedonian construction companies in the forthcoming period, in order to subcontract labour force from this country.

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