Foreign recruiters are seeking Romanian interim managers

Publish date: 23-11-2007
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Romanian managers are receiving more offers from abroad for project-based jobs, or definite period management positions, which are often refused by skilled foreign managers. According to human resource company Hill International's Managing Director, Monica Vrabiescu, companies use interim management services when they need to open a new factory, when companies are undergoing restructuring, or take over other companies. Interim managers are also needed in crisis situations, when there is a need for severe measures.

"Although this is a new field for us, we have capable managers, with skills related to organization, logistics and coordination, who can open a factory or manage a department," Vrabiescu said.

Local companies are also starting to consider interim managers, but there is still some hesitation, since this service is not seen as completely safe, according to the Unit Business Manager of Barnett McCall Recruitment, Andrea Lupan.

Project-based managers are used mainly in the fields of logistics, production, finance and banking, and human resources.


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