Romania reduces the CO2 emissions by 10 pc

Publish date: 21-11-2007
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Bucharest is unhappy with the EC decision to reduce the level of gas emissions by 20 per cent after 2008. Dumitra Mereuta, director in the Ministry of Environment and Durable Development (MMDD), said yesterday in a forum over environment problems, that the decision of the Romanian authorities is to reduce the allocations of CO2 emissions for each economic operator, proportionally with the decision of the European Commission to reduce them, according to Rompres.

The Romanian authorities could use also another variant in order to fulfill the EU requirements, namely to reduce in a differentiated way the level of the emissions, subject to the quantity of emissions of the producer, or the production-emission ratio, but the variant of the proportional reduction will be definitely chosen.

The European Commission approved last month, for Romania, a quota of 75.9 million tons of emissions of carbon dioxide for the period 2008-2012. For the emissions from 2007, the national allocation plan must be reduced by around ten per cent. The EC decisions are based on the analysis of the national plans of allocation of carbon dioxide emissions certificates proposed for 2007 and for the period 2008-2012, as part of the scheme of trading the certificates of emissions of gas with greenhouse effect of the EU.

The reduction of the CO2 emissions for Romania by 10 per cent in 2007 and 20.7 in 2008-2012, represents a proportional reduction also for the business operators. The director of the Division on energetic policies from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Alexandru Sandulescu, said yesterday that the reduction of the ceiling of gas emissions proposed by Romania for 2007 is a retroactive measure which turns the producers of energy into purchasers of gas emission certificates. The Environment Minister, Attila Korodi, said last week that he asked the European Affairs Department to begin the approaches in order to contact certain law offices with the purpose to attack in court the EC decision to reduce the level of gas emissions for Romania.

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