The online advertising market is estimated at 11 mln in 2007

Publish date: 15-11-2007
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While online advertisers estimated their market's value in spring to be worth some €7-8 million, by year-end the initial fall estimates indicate an approximate amount of €11 mln. Considering that we are already in November, these estimates are closest to real figures on the market for the January-December 2007 period.

According to two media agencies, Initiative and ARBOmedia, the value of the online advertising market was €5.5 mln in 2006. The €11 mln estimate for 2007 belongs to Doru Panaitescu, independent consultant and owner of the blog. The figure is based on sales posted by major online advertising companies, and does not include sites that "sell" themselves or advertisements run through Google or other networks of contextual advertising.

"I estimate the degree of error for each amount at plus minus 10 percent," Panaitescu told Business Standard. Thus, according to his 2007 estimate, ARBOmedia registered a 150 percent annual increase, with €2.4 mln worth of sales. According to an estimate made by market sources, another media agency, Netbridge, will post a 60 percent increase in 2007.

AdEvolution will double in 2007 from 2006, reaching €1.25 mln in sales. MediaPro Interactiv, the online division of the MediaPro group, will triple in 2007, to €1.2 mln, while MediaCafe will soar by 150 percent, up to €0.35 mln. Adtarget will rise by 60-70 percent in 2007, registering sales of €1-1.2 mln, and Regia Splendid Media Interactiv is expected to surge by 50 percent, to €0.15 mln.

Catalin Rotarus, Strategy Director of ARBO media, estimated in September that the value of the Romanian online advertising market will amount to €110 mln by 2011.

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