Raiffeisen Bank president dissatisfied with BNR

Publish date: 07-11-2007
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The president of Raiffeisen Bank, Steven van Groningen, is unhappy with the lack of dialogue between the Central Bank and the commercial banks and considers ungrounded the remarks of Governor Mugur Isarescu regarding their fault in the growth of the current account deficit.

"We deserve a discussion with the Central Bank over the banking system. BNR should initiate a discussion with the commercial banks over credit matters. I do not believe that we are guilty of the growth of the current account deficit of Romania. We, the banks, give credits chiefly in order to finance the production means and to help exports. What should we do to limit the credits, to not observe the Community laws?" declared Steven van Groningen.

Van Groningen criticized the Central Bank for the lack of communication with the banking circles. "I do not remember any recent meeting of Governor Mugur Isarescu with us, the bankers. For over a year, not any meeting with the bank presidents has taken place and in this way it is difficult to say whose is the fault," stressed van Groningen.

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