PR companies promote 20 million euros market

Publish date: 07-09-2007
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Romanian market of communication and public relations services has a value of approximately 15-20 million euros, witnessing a more and more spectacular evolution every year.

Due to the increase in the quality of services provided by agencies, the Romanian market witnessed an intensive development in the past two years and more and more companies aim at externalizing their public relations department.

"Public relations services witnessed an intensive development, especially in the past two years. We can say that, at present, Romanian and international companies are aware of the value of a PR company in Romania", declared Elena Olteanu, General Manager 4ace.

According to Ms Olden, the entry into the market of new players in the economic area, the EU accession and the growth of the conscientisation level are elements that have contributed to the increase in interest and, implicitly, budgets allocated by companies to the PR area.

Romanian market far from saturation

The Romanian PR market is far from being saturated, and many multinational companies among the top 10, which are not present yet. "Any market is open to the big companies that can enter either by acquisitions or affiliations, or by opening local offices. There are still many multinational companies among the top 10, which are not present in Romania and, when business requires it, will most certainly come. I would describe the PR market at this moment as in a "storming" phase, the next step being "norming", told us Mirella Pit, General Manager V+O Communication. Romanian PR industry is facing quite serious problems as regards the public relations specialists, who are rather few.

"Unfortunately, in an industry developing at the speed of mind, which seems to be willing to recover in a few months the years of the past without communication, we are confronting a big problem at present:  the lack of specialists. There is a limited number of seniors in all communications competencies, not only in PR, that all agencies, be they multinational or local, fight for. Those with more than 10 years experience start retiring, making their own business. Those with a 5-6 years experience are hunted by agencies, and some of them come to changing their work place three times in a year. Juniors are promoted to higher positions long before their natural ripening time, we come to having PR Managers with the experience of a PR Executive", declared Iona Manoiu Managing Partner, GIMP PR.

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