Credit Europe Bank is launching the Credit Europe IMM Portal

Publish date: 09-05-2007
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Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. is launching the Credit Europe IMM Portal ( - the first online complete solution for SMEs. Since 2006, Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A. has provided various packages of products and services customised for the SMEs' needs. By launching the portal, the bank makes a new step ahead for achieving its mission related to the SME market niche - to become the main source of financing, informing and advice for SMEs. The current version of the portal will be subject to continuous improvements.

"We have the great pleasure to announce the public opinion that Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A.  is launching the first online complete solution for SMEs, Credit Europe IMM Portal. This event shows once again the Bank's strong commitment to support Romanian SMEs with innovative and flexible solutions. I am using this opportunity to invite all small and medium-sized businesses' entrepreneurs and related parties (NGOs, other companies, students, etc.) to become members of the Credit Europe IMM Portal, in order  to be able to benefit all the portal's facilities", stated Mr. Tamer Ozatakul, President of Credit Europe Bank (Romania) S.A.

What is Credit Europe IMM Portal?

  • Online information source for SMEs and related parties (sectorial analysis, news, articles, etc.); 
  • Online platform for exchanging information between SMEs and related parties;
  • Virtual market for SMEs;
  • Alternative Delivery Channel for providing financing solution, support, consultancy and training services for the SME sector.

Which are the Benefits of Credit Europe IMM Portal?

  • Online access to a complete information source (sectorial analysis, news, articles, etc.);
  • Access to financing solutions for SMEs (pre-approval of loans provided by Credit Europe Bank(Romania) S.A.;
  • Management Skills Development for the  small and medium-sized businesses' entrepreneurs (using the consultancy and training services on specific topics);
  • Online business development (auctions, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions).

How and Who can become a Member of the Credit Europe IMM Portal?

Any company/SME related parties can obtain free membership for the Portal, by filling in a signing-up registration form, which will allow them to access certain services offered by Credit Europe IMM Portal. The membership quality provides to the owner (company) the possibility to get answers to specific questions related to its business, directly from experts in various areas of interest and also access to much more information from various domains.

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