Spanish chain Vime Hotels & Resort enters Romanian market

Publish date: 23-03-2007
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BUCHAREST – Four Bucharest hotels are advanced in their negotiations with the Spanish Vime Hotel & Resorts hospitality chain, with which they will most likely sign management agreements, Raul Dinescu, the Chairman of Gerasim Tour representing VIME in Romania and Bulgaria, stated for Mediafax.

‘The four hotels in Bucharest to join the Vime chain are three and four star units. The Spanish chain has included in its expansion plans the entry to countries that have acceded to the European Union recently. Vime has hotels operated under management agreements as well as its own investments in Spain, Italy and Tunisia’, says Dinescu. The intention of the Spanish chain is to also affiliate mountain hotels and to build its own hotel in Bucharest. ‘The chain operates in a system that is slightly different from the others. If a year down the road the affiliated hotel has good financial results Vime makes the owners a ten-year lease offer. It means that the chain rents the entire hotel and invests in it’, says the representative of the Spanish hotels chain in Romania.

Vime Hotels & Resorts has 18 hotels 11 of which are in Spain, five in Italy and two in Tunisia, with 3,200 rooms in total. The chain development plans provide for the enrichment of its portfolio with another 25 hotels this year.

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