Ten New Contracts To Refurbish Bucharest-Constanta Railway

Publish date: 19-01-2007
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"CFR" SA signed ten works contracts yesterday with Romanian and foreign companies in order to refurbish the Bucharest-Constanta railway, namely the Fundulea-Lehliu and Lehliu-Fetesti sections. The total value of these contracts amounts to 225 Mln EUR, of which 75% came from ISPA funds and the rest from the state budget.

Refurbishment works on the Bucuresti-Constanta railway are done on three sections: Bucharest North-Baneasa

(2006-2008), Fetesti-Constanta (2006-2008), and Bucharest Baneasa-Fundulea and Fundulea-Lehliu-Fetesti (2007-2010). The total value of investments in the first two railway sections amounts to 453 Mln EUR.

Following the international auctions held last year, "Astaldi" SpA was awarded three contracts totalling 177 Mln EUR. The company will refurbish the bridges on Fundulea-Lehliu (7.8 Mln EUR), and will do works related to infrastructure and superstructure on the same section (43.9 Mln EUR), as well as on Lehliu-Fetesti (123.9 Mln EUR).

Greek consortium "Klearchos Routsis & Kourtidis" was awarded two contracts regarding train station works on the following sections: Fundulea-Lehliu (2.7 Mln Eur) and Lehliu-Fetesti (12.5 Mln EUR). The association "Imsat & Siemens" SRL took over two works related to the signaling and communication systems on Fundulea-Lehliu (5.8 Mln EUR) and Lehliu-Fetesti (24.6 Mln EUR) sections.

"Siemens Osterreich - Siemens SRL - SPL Powerlines" consortium won two auctions for works on the contact line. The Fundulea-Lehliu section costs 8.3 Mln RON and Lehliu-Fetesti amounts to 22.6 Mln EUR.

Romanian association "Arcada SA - Constructii Feroviare Onesti - West Star Iasi will refurbish bridges on the Lehliu-Fetesti section, the investment amounting to approximately 2 Mln EUR.


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