Bucharest - 13% increase in residential building permits

Publish date: 15-01-2007
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In the first nine months of last year, local authorities issued a total of 44.948 residential building permits with a total surface of 8.302.400 sqm. According to the National Statistics Institute, the reported data show an increase of 3.5% in the number of issued building permits and an increase of 23.8% in total usable surface, compared to the corresponding period of 2005.

Also, comparing the average usable surface in the analyzed period, one can notice an increase of 9%, from 169.4 sqm in 2005 to 184.7 sqm in 2006. In November last year, 4.403 residential building permits were issued, approximately the same as the previous month and increasing by 40% compared to November 2005. Approximately 63% of the building permits issued in November 2006 are for rural areas, unlike in the previous month, when the percentage for the two areas was relatively equal.

NSI aso mentions an increase in the number of residential building permits issued in four of the eight development areas. This tendency was obvious in the following areas: South-West Oltenia (+82 building permits), South-East (+6 permits), North-West (+13 permits) and Bucharest-Ilfov (+6 permits). In the Central, North-East, West and South-Muntenia, a decrease in the number of issued residential building permits.

According to an NSI report, 1.258 more building permits were issued in November 2006 than in the corresponding month of 2005. The most significant increase was reported in South-Muntenia (+429 permits) and North-East (+13 permits), and the slightest increase - in West (+61 permits) and Centre (+47 permits). The only development area that had a decrease in residential building permits was North-West.


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