Archive » September 2013 » 18 September 2013 The english news from 18 September 2013

  • Millennium Bank grants First House loans in lei

    Millennium Bank started granting First House loans in lei within the latest edition of the governmental scheme, with a variable interest rate calculated as three-month Robor plus 2.5% margin. The maximum loan amount is the equivalent in lei of EUR 57,000 for finalised homes or the lei equivalent of EUR 66,500 for homes whose building permit was released after 2010.…

  • UniCredit Tiriac Bank and RBS Romania announce the successful completion of the retail clients' migration

    UniCredit Tiriac Bank and RBS Romania announce the successful completion of the transfer of the retail and Royal Preferred banking business of RBS to UniCredit Tiriac Bank S.A. and UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN S.A., following the public announcement on 30 April 2013.…

  • Eurozone in recovery mode but gap between North and South still widening

    A nascent recovery is taking hold across the Eurozone but despite positive signs of an uptick in the economy growth is expected to be slow. The easing of austerity measures and a pickup in world trade will strengthen the recovery towards the end of the year but it will be hampered by unemployment still increasing and widening divergence across the continent, according to the autumn EY Eurozone Forecast (EEF).…

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