Archive » June 2010 » 28 June 2010 The english news from 28 June 2010

  • Greece is putting its islands for sale to save its economy. What can Romania sell?

    Financial Times, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal comment the decision of the Constitutional Court saying that pensions cannot be reduced. In a desperate attempt to pay off its huge debts and to get funds for its infrastructure, Greece is making the rich people of the world an offer they can't refuse and is putting up for sale or long term lease a few of its 6000 sunny islands.…

  • Euro could go over RON 6-threshold

    National Bank of Romania (BNR) experts claim that, unless the Government promptly cuts down on expenditures, it will be unable to check inflation, and the exchange rate could soar to RON 6-7 per Euro, informs.On the other hand, the advisor to the BNR governor, Adrian Vasilescu, gives assurances that there is no risk of an unbalance on the currency market, for the time being.…

  • PM Emil Boc: We are ready for any alternative

    PM Emil Boc said, in the end of the videoconference with the prefects, that the government is prepared for any variant, answering thus a question about the chances there are that the austerity measures should come into force starting July 1. 'We are ready for any alternative, this is what I want you to know,' answered PM Boc when asked what chances there were that the measures the Government assumed responsibility for…

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