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  • 40,000 local administration employees are left out of the Government's employee roster

    Tens of thousands of local administration employees could remain jobless after some modifications being made to the Local Public Finance Law. The Government is preparing an Emergency Government Ordinance to amend and complete Law no. 273/2006 regarding local public finances, with its later amendments and completions. In promoting the new regulations, its initiators are invoking IMF, European Commission and …

  • AmCham: No business environment official in Fiscal Council

    The business environment and the authorities seem to be two parallel worlds, an example for the lack of communication being also the fact that there is no representative of the business environment in the Fiscal Council, country leader of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (AmCham) Sorin Mindrutescu told the conference organized referring to the measures required to re-launch the Romanian economy.…

  • Vladescu: The taxes and duties system will be rethought in 2011

    Four days after the Government decided to raise VAT from 19% to 24% starting July 1st, Sebas¬tian Vladescu, the Minister of Finance, announces that this may not be the only increase. Romanians won't pay more starting this year but will starting 2011, when the new taxes and duties system the Ministry of Finance is working on right now will be operational. "I think the entire taxes and duties system will have to be rethought for 2011.…

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