Archive » August 2010 » 30 August 2010 The english news from 30 August 2010

  • A Romanian pays an average of 600 Romanian Lei in bribes per year

    Three quarters of Romanians believe that you can't succeed in life without bribes or influence peddling. The average annual amount of bribes a Romanian pays is of 600 Romanian Lei, according to a survey conducted by CSOP and paid for by the Association for Implementing Democracy. "The survey shows that the lack of convictions in corruption cases determines a lack of satisfaction of citizens as…

  • PM Emil Boc, moderately optimist about recovery prospects

    Prime Minister Emil Boc stated, recently, at the Labour Ministry, in a meeting with representatives of the patronages that, according to official figures presented by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), in the second quarter there was positive economic growth and a growth in industrial production, but voiced a "moderate optimism," report.…

  • Capital increase for 2009 most profitable front company rejected

    The Brasov branch of the National Office of the Trade Register has turned down a RON 19 bln capital increase application by American European Marketing & Enterprises (AEME), HotNews reports. In 2009, the company posted a record profit of over USD 5 bln, equal to 2.5 per cent of Romania's GDP. The profit was on paper only and resulted from the issuance of additional shares.…

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