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  • Croitoru opts not to form a government of technocrats

    Prime Minister designate Lucian Croitoru announced the government team on Friday which he will present to Parliament to obtain the investiture vote. The new government will have 14 ministries, and includes members of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and technocrats…

  • Romania Cannot Make It Out Of The Crisis By Itself - President

    President Traian Basescu said on Sunday, in Satu Mare (north-west of Bucharest), that Romania could not possibly get out of the crisis by itself as it directly depended on the economy of other states. 'Romania is no isolated country, it is equally affected by the economic crisis as are the other European Union states' …

  • Romania Launches Special Telephone Line To Report Attempted Election Fraud

    Romania's Interior Ministry secretary of state Liviu Gradinaru on Sunday said the country's emergency call service 112 will have a special telephone line to report any attempts to defraud the presidential elections. Gradinaru also said the new system replaces the old telephone line used at previous elections…

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