Archive » June 2010 » 22 June 2010 The english news from 22 June 2010

  • Romania's tourism brand, all green and focused on the Carpathian Mountains, is being launched in Bucharest

    Being based on the Carpathian Mountains and mostly green, Romania's tourism brand will be made public at the end of this week, not in Vatra Dornei but in Bucharest. Pristine natural surroundings, untouched by civilization, will be the element underlined by Romania's tourism brand, which will be launched at the end of this week in Bucharest, and not in Vatra Dornei as had been initially announced.…

  • Timisoara-Arad motorway contract might be terminated

    Construction works at the Timisoara-Arad motorway are nine months behind schedule, so the contract might be terminated, Transports Minister Radu Berceanu said yesterday. As if that were not enough, the constructor also seeks to change some of the technical solutions for the project. "Both portions of the motorway are behind schedule…

  • Minister Laszlo Borbely: All procedures relating to Rosia Montana will be resumed

    The new town-planning certificate recently issued for the Rosia Montana project (Alba County, central western Romania) will determine the resumption of all procedures, including the public debates, Environment and Forestry Minister Laszlo Borbely told a press conference on Monday.…

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