Archive » July 2010 » 12 July 2010 The english news from 12 July 2010

  • The Romanian Leu made a comeback in relation to the Euro. What bankers are betting on for the end of the year

    Economists are pointing out that a delay in getting out of the crisis would weaken our national currency in relation to the European single currency. The Romanian Leu made back the losses caused by the Euro when the news that VAT was being raised to 24% broke. On Friday, the National Bank of Romania announced an official exchange rate of 4.2285 Romanian Lei for one Euro, the minimum of the last two weeks.…

  • BT Board Chairman charged with stock market manipulation

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banca Transilvania, Horia Ciorcila, and three other bankers have been referred to court on charges of bank stock manipulation on the stock exchange generating almost RON 200,000 in proceeds, Mediafax informs. The Prosecutors working for the Cluj Field Service of the Organised Crime and Terrorism Directorate(DIICOT) have referred the following suspects to court: Horia Ciorcila…

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