Archive » July 2010 » 11 July 2010 The english news from 11 July 2010

  • How 8 billion Euro disappeared from the GDP in just 6 months

    At the end of this year Romania's economy could prove to be 8 billion Euro short of the Government's January estimate, namely of just 118 billion Euro instead of 126 billion Euro, the loss being of over one billion Euro per month since the first forecast and until today's. According to the forecasts of Romanian banks, instead of the GDP dropping 0.5%,…

  • Eurozone break-up would speed recovery

    A break-up of the eurozone would lead to faster growth and spare weaker members of the single currency decades of depression and deflation, one of the UK's leading forecasting groups said today. Capital Economics said that, far from being a potential disaster that would result in economic chaos, the return of national currencies would enable Europe to break out of a prolonged period of weak expansion…

  • By July 15 Government will have preliminary record of damage caused by floods

    By July 15 the Government will have a preliminary record of the damage caused by the floods, said Premier Boc on Sunday, at the end of the meeting of the County Committee for Emergency Situations that was held in Tulcea (south-eastern Romania). "The Government has July 15 as the preliminary date for making a record of the damage caused by the floods. I am requesting that, by July 15, the local authorities …

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