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  • Romania urges West's banks to boost E.Europe units

    Romania has called on western banks to help stabilise their affiliates in former Communist states, weighing into a debate over how best to ease the impact of the economic crisis on eastern Europe's banking sector. Most of Romania's banks are foreign-owned, with the largest two, BCR and BRD, belonging respectively to Austria's Erste and France's Societe Generale…

  • Ablon freezes development projects in Romania

    Real estate developer Ablon has announced to freeze six projects in Romania and go ahead with only three principal development projects, two in Budapest and one in Prague. Ablon, controlled by Austria's Volksbank and Israeli businessman Uri Heller, announced it would continue three development projects and shut down six in Romania…

  • BCR: Romania's economy will continue to grow in 2009, but only by 1%

    The effects of international crisis on Romania will increase in 2009, and the pace of economic growth will temperate very much, as compared to that of 2008, around the level of 1%, correlated with an economic decrease slightly over 1% in the euro zone, the chief economist of BCR said Tuesday…

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