Archive » September 2009 » 29 September 2009 The english news from 29 September 2009

  • Taxes are expected to rise in 2010

    Increasing the value-added tax (VAT) and the flat tax in 2010 is "inevitable" to meet the budget deficit targets agreed upon with the International monetary Fund (IMF), according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The report warns that such a measure would have a negative impact on consumption expenses, and that staff downsizing in the public sector continues to be necessary…

  • Romanian Employers Agree With Minimum Wage Hike If Other Wages Freeze

    Romanian employers' associations agreed with an increase in the minimum wage provided all other wages freeze until Romania manages to overcome the economic crisis, while unionists requested that talks on this core issue should consider Romania's salary policy…

  • SAR report: Romania's healthcare system in a disastrous state

    A report by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) called 'The end of drugs? An analysis of Romania's market and policies for pharmaceuticals,' released on Monday highlights the major issues facing the Romanian healthcare system, including disastrous health indicators, a life expectancy by seven years lower than in other European Union member states, 10 to 15 times more tuberculosis patients…

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