Archive » November 2008 » 06 November 2008 The english news from 06 November 2008

  • BRD: Romania has room to manoeuvre to cope with international financial crisis

    Romania has room to manoeuvre in order to cope with the international financial crisis: minimum compulsory reserves can be used to give a boost to the economy and there is the advantage of the 16% flat tax, whose level can be easily raised to secure the necessary budget revenues, states Claudiu C…

  • Three counties expected to lay off 9,000 employees

    Iasi, Mures and Cluj counties in northeastern, central and northwestern Romania, respectively, are leading by far in terms of top layoffs estimated by officials of the Ministry of Labor for the coming two months. According to data provided by the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM), almost half of the more than 17,700 future unemployed will come from the three aforementioned counties…

  • Sinowal virus has compromised more than 500,000 banking accounts

    On the Internet circulates a free virus that till the present has managed to find out the details of more than 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards all over the world, the experts in informatics security say…

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