Archive » June 2010 » 15 June 2010 The english news from 15 June 2010

  • Blaga: IMF umbrella gives great margin needed for investment

    Romania will need a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the future, said Minister of Administration and Interior Vasile Blaga, telling a news conference that an IMF ‘umbrella' would give Romania a great margin with respect to the value at which the money is borrowed. 'I think we'll need a new IMF agreement. An IMF umbrella gives a great margin required for investment' …

  • U.S. ambassador: Beneficial business climate needs corruption-free judicial system

    Romania needs an encouragement of its private sector, but a transparent corruption-free judicial system is needed in order to have a beneficial business climate, U.S. Ambassador to Romania Mark Gitenstein told a special meeting commemorating the 130th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Romania and the United States hosted by the Romanian Academy's Auditorium.…

  • Raiffeisen president: Political crisis might be a price worth paying

    Local bank officials are not staking on the Government being toppled by the no-confidence motion, banking environment representatives stated, quoted by However they are not completely ruling out that possibility, in which case we could see a rise in credit default swaps. Basically the banks reproach the officials for their lack of a coherent reform program and of the desire to put the economy back on an upward trend. …

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