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  • Hungary wants to extend its agreement with the IMF

    The Hungarian Government intends to obtain a new loan from the IMF next year, and does not want to access the last six billion Euro of the 20 in the loan provided to it in 2008. Hungary is seeking to obtain a new loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a "safety" loan meant to consolidate trust in the Hungarian market and to ensure a low interest rate in case there will be a need for another loan…

  • Up to 60,000 public sector workers to be laid off

    More than 53,000 local administration employees will be laid off the following weeks, under an emergency ordinance passed by the government in its weekly session on Wednesday. These workers will be joined by thousands of others, mostly from various ministries' staff, which will likely push the total number of layoffs to 60,000, political sources quoted by Agerpres said. …

  • Foreign investors request measures to compensate for effects of VAT increase

    The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) asked the government to implement a package of measures to stimulate efficiency in the public sector and investments, in order to offset the negative effects of the VAT increase (by five percent, up to 24 percent). Moreover, the foreign investors asked the Executive when it will publish the rules for the Emergency Ordinance No. 58 /2010, on the VAT increase, to consider very carefully the difficulties that might be triggered by the implementation of this measure, through…

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