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  • The law that makes automobile driver and assistant manager titles go away

    The IMF and EU are asking that hiring and termination conditions be made more flexible. The World Bank is asking for larger differences between salaries. The Ministry of Labor is saying that the World Bank's request could be met, but is more reserved as regards the Labor Code…

  • State employee wages might return to level before 25 pc cut next year

    Starting next year, state employee salaries might gradually go back to the level prior to the 25 per cent cut, Economy Minister Adriean Videanu says. “In 2011, the premises will be created for salaries to gradually return to the level prior to the 25 per cent cut,” Videanu stated. As of July 1, public employee salaries have been slashed by 25 per cent, in a bid by government to cut budgetary spending to stay within the…

  • Industrial production prices up 6.2 pct

    The industrial production prices grew by 6.2 percent in June 2010, compared to the same period of the previous year, the most representative sectors being the processing industry, sanitary engineering, waste management and decontamination, read the provisional statistical data the National Statistics Institute (INS) published on Tuesday.…

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