Businesses in Romania's industry grow for the eleventh month in a row in October, by 8.3% y/y

Publish date: 10-12-2010
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Turnover in Romania's industry hiked by 8.3 percent in October from the same month of the previous year, indicating the eleventh consecutive month of increase, but eased 4.7 percent from September, according to the country's statistics body INS.

It climbed 14.1 percent in September year-on-year.

Businesses in the processing industry advanced 8.9 percent in October from the same month of 2009, while those in the extractive industry dropped 5.5 percent.

On the large industrial groups, the turnover in the intermediary goods industry climbed by 16.5 percent, in the capital goods industry by 13.2 percent and in the long-term goods industry by 5 percent. Decreases were recorded in the power industry, by 7 percent, as well as in the current use goods industry, by 1.2 percent from October 2009.

Compared to September, businesses in Romania's industry diminished by 4.7 percent in October, following a 5 percent decrease in the processing industry and a 5.2 percent decline in the extractive industry.

After the first ten months, the turnover in Romania's industry soared by 10.5 percent from the same period last year, following an 11.4 percent hike in the processing industry, which compensated the 7.1 percent fall in the extractive one. 


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