What the stupidest economic creation of all times, made up by the Ministry of Finance, looks like

Publish date: 15-08-2010
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Democratic-Liberal Ionut Popescu, manager of the Fondul Proprietatea and former Minister of Finance (in the Tariceanu 1 Government), is reacting extremely strongly against the decision of the Ministry of Finance imposing that state owned companies donate to the state budget money from the profits of previous years, a decision he qualifies as "the stupidest economic creation of all times".

In a statement made exclusively for Gandul, Ionut Popescu qualifies as an "idiot" the person who thought out and drafted this provision, which would screw up the entire economy, transforming all companies into NGOs. Popescu claims that should the draft for rectifying the state budget be adopted by the Government and by Parliament in its current form, he will use any and all legal means to attack it, irrespective of any political consequences he may suffer. The manager of Fondul Proprietatea expresses hope that the Minister of Finance doesn't know about "this concoction" and that the provision will be cancelled, it being both unconstitutional and illogical from an economic standpoint.


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