Funds pay administrators bonuses worth up to 3 percent of profit on exit

Publish date: Astazi, 15-09-2008
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Managers of projects led by private equity funds in Romania receive bonuses worth up to 3 percent of profits on exit, according to specialists interviewed by Business Standard.

Former investment manager of Spanish GED fund, Francisc Bodo, said Romanian managers received bonuses worth some 1 percent of profit.

"Granting a bonus for each successful exit varies depending on administrators policies, some never offer exit primes, others reward managers for each successful exit, through money or promotions," Bodo said.

An investment fund's profitability is given by the multiplying factor of the invested money (money multiple), Bodo said. The most profitable private equity funds in Romania multiplied the amounts ten times or more, in less than five years.

"The management teams of companies owned by funds received stock option plans, which they can cash on exit. It is a way allowing managers o become directly interested in increasing the business' value," says the Country Manager of AIG New Europe Fund, Doina Popescu.

Fund administrators say Romanian companies' owners expectations were exaggerated in many cases lately, because they were planning on a stable market growth and an easy access to funds.

Business Standard

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